Working with 19th Century Medical and Health Periodicals Workshop featured in The Lancet

Medical Periodicals: Mining the Past, by Oxford based science writer Georgina Ferry, has been published in The Lancet (Volume 385, number 9987, 27 June 2015) and features a number of the papers presented at the workshop held on 30 May 2015. The article discusses how while medical periodicals contain a wealth of historical data, they also present various challenges to today’s researchers. The article is available on The Lancet website

Constructing Scientific Communities article published in The Lancet

Professor Sally Shuttleworth and Dr Sally Frampton’s article on the medical strand of the Constructing Scientific Communities project has been published in The Lancet (Volume 385, Number 9987, 27 June 2015). The article discusses the research being undertaken on 19th century medical periodicals which included contributions from outside the medical profession, and the ways in which the public can engage with medical issues in the 21st century.

The article is available on The Lancet website 

Going into rooms and saying things: Academic presentations

Giving presentations is a vital part of academic life. Yet the functioning of the academic presentation is little explored. A presentation can mark the beginning or the end of a piece of research and any level of polished analysis between. Sometimes presentations function as an extended job interview and at other times as group therapy. They can be singular or they can flock together in a workshop or conference. They can be ephemeral, living on only in spiral bound notes, or they can ripple, as live blogging and tweeting spark new conversations reverberating beyond the presentation and questions happening in the room.

Since joining the CONSCICOM project I’ve given several presentations but March was a particularly busy month, with three presentations in just three weeks. Now my head has stopped spinning, I thought it would be worth capturing some of that activity.

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Workshop Report: Working with 19th-Century Medical and Health Periodicals

The workshop ‘Working with 19th-Century Medical and Health Periodicals’ was held on 30 May 2015 and co-organized by the ERC-funded ‘Diseases of Modern Life’ Project and the AHRC-funded ‘Constructing Scientific Communities’ Project, both based at St Anne’s College, University of Oxford. The aim of the event was to facilitate conversation about the use of medical and health periodicals in historical and literary research, a resource which has been central not only to the work of the aforementioned projects, but also to that of many other scholars interested in various aspects of nineteenth-century history and literature. The programme was interdisciplinary, trans-institutional, bringing together both librarians and researchers, and international in its approach, with papers covering an impressive array of topics and countries, including Britain, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Poland, Portugal, and Russia. Overall, approximately 60 participants based at institutions in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Norway, Austria and the United States attended the workshop and a total of 18 papers were presented. The workshop also featured two poster presentations by Ann Hale (University of Greenwich) and Bernhard Leitner (University of Vienna), on medical jurisprudence in legal periodicals and the role of neurological journals in the development of Japanese psychiatry, respectively.

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