The Constructing Scientific Communities project, part of the AHRC’s Science in Culture theme, is inviting proposals for citizen science or citizen humanities projects to be developed as part of the platform in spring 2016. Proposals are welcome from researchers whose work would benefit from the active participation of hundreds or even thousands of volunteers.

The Constructing Scientific Communities project examines citizen science in the 19th and 21st centuries, contrasting and reflecting on engagement with distributed communities of amateur researchers in both the historical record and in contemporary practice. Just as Darwin consulted popular natural history magazines and drew on information provided by an army of two thousand correspondents, modern scientists have worked with volunteers to classify galaxies, discover planets, rescue old climate records and speed up cancer research.

Successful projects will be selected from responses to this call, and will be developed and hosted by the Zooniverse team in close collaboration with the applicants. Proposals are expected to give a clear and focused idea of the research that will be enabled by the project. We hope to include both scientific and historical projects; those writing proposals should review the existing range of Zooniverse projects which include not only classification but also transcription projects. Please note, however, we cannot support imaging or digitization of materials.

Projects will be selected by the project team according to the following criteria:

  1. Merit and usefulness of the data expected to result from the project.
  2. Novelty of the problem; projects which require extending the capability of the Zooniverse platform or serve as case studies for crowdsourcing in new areas or in new ways are welcome.
  3. Alignment with the goals and interests of the Constructing Scientific Communities project.

Deadline : Friday 29 January 2016

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